2018 Raj Parr Anika Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah

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$ 149.00

"In the winery, we ferment the Syrah as whole bunches in open top tanks. We do not control the temperature of the fermentation nor do we inoculate it or add nutrients. This natural, whole bunch fermentation helps us achieve a couple of important objectives. First, the whole bunches result in lots of whole berry or intra-cellular fermentation. One of the primary benefits of this fermentation is that we harness the CO2 that results from fermentation rather than letting it escape into the atmosphere. This retained CO2 helps protect the wine and, as a result, doesn't require additional sulfur to preserve and protect it.

Second, the stems contribute not only the signature spice to the nose, but also increase the pH of the wine. You don't taste pH, but you feel it. While the stems lift the aromatics, they also broaden the palate of the finished wine. Finally, gently extracted, whole cluster fermentations prevent the finished wine from being too tannic. There are plenty of examples of great Syrah in the world that have structure informed by tannin, but delicious young Syrah is so drinkable when the fruit is exuberant and the tannins are moderate.

Bottling without adjusting the free sulfur is quite an endeavor. Most deem it risky, and it is, but I believe it offers the absolute truest expression of place and the kind of textural experience that keeps me refilling my glass. Sulfur, while an excellent preserver of wine, also firms up tannins in young wines. Sure it's risky to go without sulfur, but the pleasure that results makes you quickly forget about everything else." 

 - Producer Note

Product Details
Price Range $100-$200
Wine Type Red
Grape Variety Syrah
Country USA
Region California
Appellation Santa Maria Valley
Vintage 2018
Bottle Size 750ml