2014 Vodopivec Solo MM12 Carso

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$ 64.00

"Each vintage, Paolo isolates a certain optimally-exposed 1.3-hectare parcel of Vitovska planted in pure unforgiving Carso limestone and vinifies it separately. And, each vintage, his “Solo” ratchets up what is already an unbelievable level of mineral rawness into realms yet unmapped. This 2014 is a static-free transmission from the bowels of the earth, both smokier and more refined than the basic Vitovska above, and even more difficult to wrap one’s head around. One of the most rapturous aspects of Vodopivec’s wines, however, is their ability to be both endlessly complex and compulsively drinkable; theirs is a complexity not to be admired from afar but to be relished while consuming hungrily. A truly great, eternal work of art beckons thoughtful contemplation yet could be happily encountered every single day; likewise, a Vodopivec brims with ravenous drinkability but evokes a depth that amply rewards the most probing intellectual engagement. As a curious side-note, this 2014 “Solo” offers a briny, musky intensity akin to the Platonic ideal of a just-plucked sea urchin—an uncanny evocation of marine life that is both bizarre and irresistibly sexy."

- Rosenthal Wine Merchant

Product Details
Price Range $60-$100
Wine Type White
Wine Type Orange
Grape Variety Vitovska
Country Italy
Region Friuli
Vintage 2014
Bottle Size 750ml

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