2005 Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese Grosser Ring #02 (Auction) 375ml

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$ 199

Visiting with Christoph Schaefer seven years ago at his family's cellar at the foot of the wickedly steep Domprobst vineyard of Graach was an unforgettable experience. The wines have long impressed me for their featherweight lightness and mineral spring purity of fruit.

The balance found in the Mosel River Valley wines captivate us at every turn. But for me, those from Willi Schaefer sit in a select category. This is where the Mosel reaches its crescendo.

Schaefer's minute holding of 4.2 hectares almost exclusively focuses on two vineyards in the village of Graach, the Himmelreich and Domprobst—both comprised of Devonian slate soils. 

The Domprobst is the more deep, spicy, and powerful. Earthy characteristics reveal themselves here in wines with slightly higher acidity. Flavor profile tends to push further away from the citrus register and into yellow and red orchard fruit notes.


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