Why should a wine club be tailored for the masses? It should be customized just for you! Imagine being able to email or call the buyer and owner of a wine shop for assistance in choosing wines that you’ve never tried. Our wine club offers just that: selections chosen specifically for you from our collection of over 2,000 wines.

Owner and operator, Max Kogod, will personally hand pick your selections each month.

Join our club and receive a monthly delivery of Two, Four, or Six Wines that reflect our passion for small-production, traditionally crafted wines from the most thoughtful grower-producers. Simply tell us your tastes or interests, and let our expertise guide you through some of the world’s most fascinating terroir.

We currently offer 4 options:

Two wines each month for $79
Four wines each month for $159
Six wines each month for $239
You name it! (minimum of $79 each month)

Plus shipping and tax (when applicable).


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How it Works

How to Begin

Because this is a personalized selection, to start receiving your monthly wines we would love to know a bit about your tastes. We ask that you explain some of the preferences you have for wines in the space below. From there, owner and operator Max Kogod will reach out to you via email with further questions or his first selections for you. Our aim is to make KWM Wine Club as interesting, fun, and explorative as possible.

Please note that if you’re just delving into wine for the first time and are unsure of where to begin or what your preferences are, we can absolutely work with that. It’s a pleasure to help you navigate through it all and find your own specific passions in the world of wine.

We have over 2,000 wines in stock, all kept at 55 degrees for optimal storage.

2, 4 or 6 Wines (or More)

You can choose to receive 2, 4, or 6 wines at a fixed price point or we can scale up or down accordingly to meet your needs and interest. We simply ask that a minimum order for wine club is $79/month (plus shipping and tax where applicable). KWM has range of clients, all with very different needs. Some receive full cases each month, while others receive just two bottles.

How to Pay

Once you receive your confirmation on selections from Max, he will email you an invoice with a link for secure payment online through our website. Each month, he will continue to reach out with his selections and your invoice. You may discontinue your participation in Wine Club at anytime.


Once your invoice is paid via our secure link your wines will be packaged and shipped. From there you will receive an email with tracking information. Our wines ship via FedEx Ground which takes 4-5 business days travelling from San Diego to the east coast, but expedited shipping is available if desired. Within the west coast and southwest we have the option to ship with Golden State Overnight providing expedited ground shipping at rates lower than FedEx.

And for those in San Diego County delivery will be only $1!


If you’ve got more questions about our Wine Club, please feel free to email Max@KogodWine.com at anytime.

To Join, Simply Fill Out the Form Below

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