2021 Koehler-Ruprecht Pinot Noir Kabinett Trocken Rosé

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$ 27
Pfalz's Koehler-Ruprecht bears little resemblance to neighboring producers. Though Riesling is the focus here, a supernatural element exists within the wines that make them stand out among their contemporaries.

There are many rosés to drink now, fewer to hold and let develop, and even fewer give you the option to pick your own adventure, epitomizing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Koehler-Ruprecht's rosé of Pinot Noir is one of these rare birds. 

While this rosé immediately carries an inimitable salted cotton candy note, with time, it begins to tamper down its fruit, and the quintessential limestone minerality becomes more obvious. 2021 marked a return to seasons of the past with cooler temperatures giving us wines that sparkle on the palate. This is the rosé to order by the case—to drink now or in the summer of 2024 and 2025!
Product Details
Price Range $20-$40
Wine Type Rose
Grape Variety Pinot Noir
Country Germany
Region Pfalz
Vintage 2021
Bottle Size 750ml
Designation Kabinett
Designation Trocken