Egly-Ouriet V.P. Extra Brut Grand Cru Champagne NV

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V.P. is comprised of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. 90% from Grand Cru Ambonnay with the rest coming from Grand Crus Verzenay and Bouzy. V.P. stands for Vieillissement Prolongé, or extended aging – aged 84 months on the lees.

In Ambonnay, Pinot Noir's most cherished Grand Cru village, Francis Egly took over the reigns from his father in 1982. A choice was made at that time to stop selling grapes, bottle 100% under the Egly-Ouriet name, and convert all vineyard practices to organic. As rare as organic viticulture is today in Champagne, in 1982 this was a completely radical move. 

This conversion is at the root of of the style that the Egly is known for today. With a treasure trove of old vines, the organic shift allowed Francis to naturally push harvest back to the extreme for maximum ripeness. The Egly wines are defined by their robust fruit as much as they are for their finesse. 

In Ambonnay power is never on short supply, and coupled with the low yield regimen and old vines these champagnes could be monolithic. However, Francis keeps dosage very low (1-3 grams), and uses only the purest first pressing known as the cuvee. Addtional steps such as bottling at low atmospheres of pressure and extended lees aging give the Egly wines a very particular style. One that's known for its singular expression of terroir and flashy element of grandeur.

Product Details
Price Range $100-$200
Wine Type Sparkling White
Grape Variety Pinot Noir
Country France
Region Champagne
Appellation Montagne de Reims
Vintage NV
Bottle Size 750ml
Designation Grand Cru
Designation Brut

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