Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella 750ml (04/10)

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"The Lambic Grand Cru Bruocsella Cantillon is a lambic which has matured for three years in oakwood barrels and has been selected for its exceptional colour, taste and flavour. Its light, slightly amber, yellow-gold colour and its aroma, a mixture of apples and honey, make the Grand Cru Bruocsella a very seductive beer. Its taste derives from its dry character and its slight and discreet acidity.

When kept for a long time, its bouquet gets the fine flavour of roasted bread which, according to some, relates it to the white Burgundy "Chardonnay". This aristocratic beer is to our national beer patrimony what Mouton-Rotschild, Petrus or Romanée-Conti are to the wines.

Just like these top quality wines, the Lambic Grand Cru Bruocsella is not drunk but savoured and it can be served with the finest dishes. Its subtle taste enhances the savour of stewed dishes, underlines discreetly the taste of fish and crustaceans and constitutes a strong support for the taste of fine meat. Combined with sauerkraut, it tastes to full advantage. The taste of the Grand Cru Bruocsella Cantillon will change in course of time and the beer can be kept for years. We recommend our customers to savour this old Lambic in wine glasses (tasting glasses)." - Cantillon


Lambics, also referred to as sours, initially pulled me in for their vinous qualities and unusual persistent finish. Often times I find a flinty reductive quality that calls to mind the best bottlings from white Burgundy producers such as Roulot, Lafon, and Coche-Dury. That driving intensity, crazy levels of concentration, so severe, and yet concluding with unparalleled freshness. 

Commonly regarded as the world's most mysterious beer, Lambics are spontaneously fermented with natural yeasts. This is mother nature's most ancient brew. They are produced in, and around the city of Brussels. In the 1950's there were hundreds of Lambic brewers within this 
Pajottenland region of Belgium, but today only a few remain. The production is extremely labor intensive, and as a business proposition there simply wasn't the financial incentive 70 years ago for brewers to continue this tradition - technological advancements offered more desirable options. 

Lambics are derived from about 35% wheat and 65% malted barley, with relatively small amounts of aged hops used.

Following your heart as a wine lover into beer territory is not always easy, I know that as well as anyone. Once you taste the magic from this most fabled Lambic producer, you will become a believer in this ancient brew!

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