2020 Gut Oggau Josephine Rot

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$ 79.00

Gut Oggau is a project in Burgenland, Austria, started by Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe in 2007. The couple painstakingly restored the abandoned 17th-century winery and vineyard. A 20-year period of neglect washed away all pesticide and chemical treatments, allowing them to work biodynamically right away. In the cellar, each wine seemed so alive that they decided to craft labels centered around the personality inside each bottle.


Timotheus’s second wife and Winifred’s stepmother. An easy-going and somewhat voluptuous lady, she first found the love of her life at a slightly older age. Shaped by her tempestuous youth, she is an unconventional type that radiates vitality and enjoys life to the fullest. She feels most at home in company, is open to strangers, and rewards friends with deep insights into her innermost qualities.

Blend: Blaufrankish and Roesler

Product Details
Price Range $60-$100
Wine Type Red
Grape Variety Blaufrankisch
Country Austria
Region Burgenland
Vintage 2020
Bottle Size 750ml