2020 Chateau Roquefort Petit Salé (Raimond de Villeneuve)

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$ 25.00
Petit Salé from Chateau Roquefort is the best white wine from southern France that you're likely to skip. That's right. If you're reading this offer it's because you're probably here for the Burgundy and Riesling, and not for the Clairette/Vermentino blend.

I don't really drink southern French whites. I'm guilty of being a snob, of believing that no matter how many "mineral-driven" and "fresh" descriptors are thrown my way I'm simply not going to be inclined to want to finish an entire bottle of any of it, and that's simply my golden rule on buying. That changed big time with Raimond de Villeneuve's Chateau Roquefort and its Petit Salé.

Translating to "Little salty", Petit Salé broke my prejudice in one sip. "I'd finish THAT!", I exclaimed. OK, so it's only 11% alcohol, but still. All the more reason to applaud this delightful feat being pulled off.

This blend of Clairette and Vermentino is built around ripe, unctuous white peach and briny citrus flavors finishing, as one might surmise, with a super persistent salty inflection. There's some skin maceration here that brings a texture juxtaposed nicely to this brisk, high altitude setting that, unlike neighboring Bandol cannot properly ripen Mourvèdre.

Here, it's the secret microclimate set on limestone and clay soils that proved to me a southern French white can deliver all of the mouth-watering salinity as Chablis and Riesling while still capturing the truth of its more orchard fruit-leaning varieties.
Product Details
Price Range $20-$40
Wine Type White
Grape Variety Vermentino
Grape Variety Clairette
Country France
Region Provence
Vintage 2020
Bottle Size 750ml

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