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I'd like to see wines like Foradori's Teroldegos on the list at every restaurant I frequent, as their versatility is remarkable. The wines from this esoteric variety open with notes of dark plums and licorice, then soften allowing more floral and herbaceous qualities to come to the forefront, finishing with fine pronounced minerality. From the first sip to the last, they're always changing and fascinating to no end. 

About Foradori

Elisabetta's journey to being one of the most respected natural wine producers in the world came with challenges. Her family purchased this Trentino estate in 1934, her father bottling his first vintage in 1960. His untimely passing in 1976 meant that her mother had to manage the winery until Elisabetta finished her enology degree, then being thrust into the 1984 harvest and taking control of production thereafter. 

The philosophical trek for Elisabetta was a winding one that began with the immediate removal of high yielding pergola-trained vines. She wisely chose massale cuttings from the estates oldest vines and trained them much lower in the guyot method. Her approach brought a new concentration to the wines that garnered awards in the 90's, but she felt their was an energy and vitality missing.

Upon familiarizing herself with Rudolf Steiner's teachings she slowly adopted biodynamic principles and eliminated laboratory yeasts. Sulphur additions were lowered, riper stems began to be included in ferments, and a more gentle extraction protocol was used.

There's been a steady rise in awareness for Foradori's wines in the US, and with each release, I find these have an added layer of refinement and precision. If you're curious about the best whites and reds being produced in Italy's extreme alpine setting, Foradori is the spot I recommend you turn to first.

Product Details
Price Range $20-$40
Wine Type Red
Country Italy
Region Trentino
Appellation Dolomiti
Vintage 2018
Bottle Size 750ml
Designation IGT
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