2018 Domaine du Pélican Arbois Chardonnay

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Like Burgundy, limestone is present throughout Arbois, but gravel and marl soils here are very distinctive and gives Chardonnay added texture that stands out. There's a length to the finish here and an electric personality that develops more and more with time in the glass. A Chardonnay to serve blind to any Burgundy lover!

The white wines of Pélican are made in the ouilée style, where barrels are topped up each month with wine to prevent oxidation. (Jura's Vin Jaune style, and other whites, can be produced where barrels are left un-topped, leaving very distinctive oxidative, nutty notes as the wines age).

About Domaine du Pélican

Guillaume D'Angerville is at the helm of one of Burgundy's elite and storied estates in Volnay, with roots dating back to 1507. His arrival in the Jura was initially met with skepticism from the locals. A Burgundian coming in search of vineyards to purchase was not something those in Arbois were thrilled about. However, Guillaume's true fondness for the wines and the history of the small region revealed itself quickly. He made it clear his goal was to bring worldwide awareness to the great and incredibly unique wines of the Jura.

Several properties were subsequently purchased, and organic and biodynamic viticulture was implemented immediately. Included were the famed holdings of Jacques Puffeney, who had recently retired. We've offered the Domaine du Pélican Jura lineup since the first vintage in 2012.

Product Details
Price Range $40-$60
Wine Type White
Grape Variety Chardonnay
Country France
Region Jura
Appellation Arbois
Vintage 2018
Bottle Size 750ml

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