2015 Philippe Pacalet Meursault

$ 99.00
Pacalet is best known for his minimal sulphur regimen and semi-carbonic fermentation protocol, a rare approach in Burgundy where daily pumpovers and punchdowns are much more commonly applied in cuveries. He's also the nephew of Marcel Lapierre, who along with mentor Jules Chauvet, is largely responsible for the seismic shift throughout France, and the entire globe, toward a more natural approach to viticulture and vinification.

Pacalet's Pinot Noirs from Burgundy all have lifted and wildly perfumed aromatics, relatively soft tannins, and a more playful, bouncy fruit quality. They all drink well very young, whether Villages-level or Grand Cru. Similarly, his Chardonnays have a very approachable personality, with great salinity met with a more rounded and supple structure that begs you to finish bottles.

Do not let Pacalet's low sulphur regimen lead you to believe reds and whites here are best consumed young - these all offer fireworks with several years of bottle age, giving more complex development in their layers of fruit and intoxicating spice.

Recently, Pacalet has also started producing Syrah in Cornas. His methods are a departure from the norm in the region, as he also utilizes the more common semi-carbonic fermentation methods of Beaujolais.

Laws dictate that wines labeled Cornas must be fermented in the Northern Rhone, and Pacalet has a great friend in the region, Hervé Souhaut, who assists in this area. In fact, during a visit in 2012 Hervé showed us his faded yellow press that had belonged to none other than Jules Chauvet! The history involved with this wine and it's connection to the birth of a movement is very exciting. Like Pacalet's Burgundies, his Cornas flaunts an extremely floral personality with a transparency uncommon to find in Northern Rhône Syrah.
Product Details
Price Range $100-$200
Wine Type White
Grape Variety Chardonnay
Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Meursault
Vintage 2015
Bottle Size 750ml
Designation Villages

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