1993 Ceretto Barbaresco Bricco Asili

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Bricco Asili was the first winery built by Bruno and Marcello Ceretto, in 1973. The idea was to create a place dedicated to vinification and ageing, building it precisely in the place where the grapes come from, based on French château model. Currently, grapes from three exceptional climat are processed: Bernadot from Treiso, Gallina from Neive and Asili from Barbaresco.

If there is one vineyard that we could consider the absolute standard-bearer of the town of Barbaresco, this would be the Asili vineyard.
For us, it is a place with special symbolic value, having been the first piece of a group of vineyards that, in the early 1970s, we were preparing to assemble.
Here on the summit of the hill, we own a very small parcel of land with multiple aspects and limited productivity. The expression of nebbiolo that we draw from it is intertwined with the terroir and, at the same time, traces an original profile. Our Asili expresses itself in a unique manner, but does not disrupt expectations or erase landmarks. It does not violate the canons of the appellation, it interprets them. The wine is a distillation of aromatic lightness and sobriety. The nose is piquant, deep, and tapering: it is an ode to blood orange, to dog rose, to the small, crisp fruits. It is monumental in the mouth, instilled with prodigious tannins and significant acidity: elements that are at the base of its proverbial capacity for aging.

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Product Details
Price Range $100-$200
Wine Type Red
Grape Variety Nebbiolo
Country Italy
Region Piedmont
Appellation Barbaresco
Vintage 1993
Bottle Size 750ml

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