2019 Vincent Gaudry Sancerre Le Tournebride

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$ 33.00

For me, Vincent Gaudry delivers the single Sancerre that over-delivers vintage after vintage. There's no denying it, after first sip you immediately recognize something is different here given its pricing. There's a refinement in detail, fruit is displayed in the most pure and unadulterated fashion, and authenticity that screams of terroir while still finely laced in a luxurious mouthfeel.

Mélodie de Vieilles Vignes is sourced from 50- to 90-year-old vines Kimmeridgian clay soils (terres blanches) covering adamant limestone bedrock in Sury-en-Vaux. 

Surprisingly, today Vincent is still part of a select group of Sancerre vignerons who employ organic and biodynamic farming. Vincent began this "radical" shift into organics in 1993, and then fulfilled the rigorous Demeter certification for biodynamics in 2004.

There's a quality to Gaudry's wines that just speak to a perfect sense of harmony. One between the three terroirs of the assembly and the structure and contours in play here on the palate. Drinking Le Tournebride I'm much more reminded of sensibilities found in Burgundy, where that sense of place almost overrides varietal characteristic. 

Sancerre can be famous for simple, crisp, and chuggable whites reliant on its iconic name to fulfill demands from Parisian bistros, but the value realm of the region still has alternatives.

Product Details
Price Range $20-$40
Wine Type White
Grape Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Country France
Region Loire
Appellation Sancerre
Vintage 2019
Bottle Size 750ml

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