Of all the glou-glou wines produced in France it's Lapierre's Raisins Gaulois that so perfectly suits this funny badge. Glou-glou is described as the sound of wine leaving the bottle neck when poured rapidly, and also for the sound of one's gulping. Lapierre may turn out some of the most dead serious Morgon, but this Beaujolais from young vines is released early to harness all of the plump and delicious Gamay fruit with pricing that makes it easy to go deep on. So I always do.

Nearly all of the vines tapped for Raisins Gaulois comes from within the esteemed cru of Morgon, with small amounts of fruit from the larger Beaujolais appellation. Like all of Lapierre's wines, this is from organically farmed land and fermented with native yeasts, using whole clusters. These young vines provide that fruit-forward, rambunctious and unctuous Gamay grapey personality (yes, that's an apt descriptor for Gamay).

The historical significance of Marcel Lapierre is firmly ingrained into the history books of French winemaking. Since 2010, Marcel's children Matthieu and Camille have carried on the natural approach that had placed their father in the hearts of winemakers and enthusiasts across the globe.

Marcel Lapierre took over the domaine in 1973 from his father, and in 1981 his encounter with Jules Chauvet set him on a course that would literally change the world of wine. Chauvet's strong words against using pesticides, herbicides, and cultured yeasts launched a shift toward natural viticulture and winemaking in Beaujolais. And along with Jean Foillard, Guy Breton, and Jean-Paul Thévenet, the Gang of Four was unofficially founded. Their practices spread quickly and the proof in the pudding made clear this natural route was one that yielded wines of authenticity and joie de vivre.

As spring approaches, this light and fruity red is the best bet to win over the hearts of house guests and BBQ invitees. Please serve with a chill. Thank you, and thank Marcel Lapierre.

2017 Lapierre Beaujolais Raisins Gaulois 
$22 per bottle.

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