• Summer Savior, Poe Vermouth: d'Orange, d'Pampe, d'Sange

    Summer Savior, Poe Vermouth: d'Orange, d'Pampe, d'Sange

    It's hot in southern California. Like, 120 degrees today in Palm Springs hot. And, as much as I'd love to continue writing about an epic tour through Burgundy earlier this month, today I have to change gears. Today, we're going to focus on what needs to be in your glass when it's just too damn hot for even rosé. Sam Sheehan, of Poe Winesin Napa, has started to produce what I can appropriately describe as the single greatest and most refreshing option to have in your glass this summer (and beyond).

    Today, I'm very happy to offer Poe's three life-affirming vermouths, the Vin d'Orange, d'Pampe, and d'Sange. Of course, there's many ideal partnerships with these vermouths, but for me in this heat, it's all about club soda and a slice of your favorite citrus.

    Before I left for three weeks in France, I had the chance to open each of Sam's concoctions, made by hand in very small batches at her estate in Napa Valley. These are so delicious and complex on their own over ice that it's hard to make the case to mix with club soda, but in the end, that might be the best antidote for this offensive heat wave. Either way, I implore you to try some over ice to start.  

    Vin D'Orange is produced using Poe's Chardonnay as the base wine, with Seville orange's essential oils and other select botanicals.
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    D'Pampe is produced used Poe's Pinot Noir as the base, along with grapefruits and rich spices.
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    Vin D'Sange is an aperitif style vermouth produced using Poe's Pinot Noir as a base wine. It's infused with blood orange, black pepper, and a secret blend of spices.

    It's not often I veer outside of of wine for the shop's selections, but tasting these last month it became so clear that the artisanal approach and downright delicious factor needed to find a home with us. And they should with you, as well.

    Poe Vin D'Orange Vermouth 375ml
    $22 per bottle

    Poe Vin D'Pampe Vermouth Rosé 375ml
    $22 per bottle

    Poe Vin D'Sange Vermouth 375ml
    $22 per bottle
    Posted by Max Kogod