• Maestro of Veneto: Quintarelli Back to 2010

    Maestro of Veneto: Quintarelli Back to 2010

    The driving force behind Quintarelli’s wines is a superhuman dose of patience. Kermit Lynch has imported these wines from the hillsides above Verona for nearly a decade now. "Every release is a masterpiece, a testament to time, tradition, skill, and passion, the creations of a master artisan," he says. "You can’t compare these wines to any other in the region, or anywhere else in the world." Powerful structure and dazzling complexity are the hallmarks of capable producers in Veneto. However, only a true master such as Quintarelli achieves the levels of finesse and grace that allow their wines to transcend even the greatest expectations of their region.

    During harvest, Quintarelli makes multiple passes through each vineyard section, only selecting fully ripe clusters. At least half of the grapes lay out to dry on straw mats for months before fermenting at a glacial pace and resting in barrel. Two years of aging are required for Amarone (4 years for Amarone Riserva), and Quintarelli goes above and beyond, as they elect to age most of their wines for seven years or more in oak. The wild berry preserves, dusky florals, and rich spice notes are a common thread in these wines, but the extra care and aging found nowhere else give them a gear of finesse and grace that only Quintarelli knows how to access.

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    Posted by Nathan Sneller