• Maximum Tension:  2015 Ronco del Gnemiz Sauvignon Blanc SOL

    Maximum Tension: 2015 Ronco del Gnemiz Sauvignon Blanc SOL

    The Friulian Sauvignon Blanc selection has long been dominated here by the skin macerated style. To be blunt, I've left the direct-press, crisp style to Chavignol and the eastern Loire valley. The reason is simple. I've found the tension and structure much more appealing in the Loire versus Friuli. Of course, my #1 job is to continue to taste and continue to have opinions flipped. Ronco del Gnemiz marks a serious shift in my thinking.

    Today, I'm happy to offer the 2015 Ronco del Gnemiz Sauvignon Blanc "SOL".

    Ronco del Gnemiz' entire range of wines is dead-set on displaying a serious backbone of minerality that perfectly frames the sun-soaked hill of Rosazzo, famous for its poncasoil (a limestone/clay marl). Their "SOL" bottling comes from a parcel of selection massale Sauvignon Blanc vines on a particularly limestone-dominant portion of Rosazzo. "SOL" is endowed with a rigor and laser-like focus that stands out, as not only one of the greats of Friuli, but one of the world's most compelling expressions of Sauvignon Blanc.

    Tasting "SOL" is a masterclass in how Friuli's unique ponca soil translates into wine, as the pulverized chalky components here skyrocket out of the glass on first sniff. There's loads of tropicality like grapefruit and guava, but all held in check under a tremendous amount of tension that offers a serious side here that matches anything you're likely to find in the Loire valley. The sensation of grip, dancing minerality on the palate, and long finish is a statement on the world class effort this is.

    The Ronco del Gnemiz wines still very much fly under-the-radar. 
    Serena Palazzolo and her sons have organically farmed these parcels since she took over for her father in the 90's. Today, these southern-facing slopes see moderation from the Adriatic ocean that also offers a sea-breeze element that differs drastically from what you're likely to find in the Loire. A must try for any Sauvignon Blanc lover, or those who gravitate towards whites founded on structure and a more linear focus.
    Posted by Alexander Rosen