• Patagonia Prodigy: 2020 Bodega Chacra

    Patagonia Prodigy: 2020 Bodega Chacra

    When Jean-Marc Roulot joined his friend Piero Incisa della Rocchetta in Patagonia to consult on a Chardonnay cuvée, there was understandably a lot of buzz. Piero has made a name for Bodega Chacra by crafting the most elegant and Burgundian examples of Pinot Noir I've ever tasted from South America.

    Río Negro's position in the center of Patagonia makes it an ideal location for Burgundian varieties, as the cold nights and fierce winds mitigate daytime heat and preserve natural acidity, accentuating floral notes in the wines. The distinctive red clay soil with its high iron content brings a minerality perfectly suited to these varieties. All parcels are farmed following organic and biodynamic principles.


    Mainqué is aged in first and second-year Damy barrels from Jean-Marc Roulot. Malolactic fermentation is blocked in this Chardonnay, helping to preserve the snap and crystalline traits that form the wine's energetic backbone.

    Sin Azufre is one of the most sound sans soufre Pinot Noirs—complete with a gorgeous profile, purity, and vibrancy. Fermented with whole clusters.

    Cincuenta y Cinco is the more structured Pinot Noir but still has that ethereal personality that makes this so charming right out of the gate.

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    Posted by Max Kogod