• O.G. Abruzzo:  Valentini & Emidio Pepe

    O.G. Abruzzo: Valentini & Emidio Pepe

    Valentini and Emidio Pepe are kings of Abruzzo's Trebbiano and Montepulciano varieties. Valentini is famous for his disdain of paperwork and insistence on only bottling Montepulciano in select vintages when quality is sky-high. Emidio Pepe is known best for late releases of winery-aged Montepulciano, and the wines listed below came directly to us from their cellar!

    Both producers generally eschew sulfur, making them true models of a hands-off regimen in the cellar. Today's list also gives an honorable mention to Amorotti, our greatest Italian find of 2020. For those looking to familiarize themselves with Abruzzo before diving into the higher-priced cuvées, these are great introductory wines.

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    Posted by Vanessa Rason