• Nahe Shimmer: 2020 Emrich-Schönleber Riesling

    Nahe Shimmer: 2020 Emrich-Schönleber Riesling

    Emrich-Schönleber joins Keller, Dönnhoff, and Schäfer-Fröhlich as Germany's most noble estates. The Grosses Gewachs (GG) wines come from undisputedly come from "Grand Cru" sites, but within the "villages" category, my obsession continues to be with the "Mineral" bottling, which is among the most reliable and completely dry Rieslings around. Sourced from young vines within Halenberg and Auf der Lay, the value cannot be overstated!

    The Emrich family began growing Riesling on the treacherously steep slopes along the Nahe River in the mid-1700s. In the 1960s, the family began to focus entirely on viticulture and winemaking. Up until then, it was a risky proposition to have their livelihood be at the will of nature so directly. From 1965 to 1985, the estate steadily grew from two to ten hectares.

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    Posted by Max Kogod
  • The King of Dry:   Klaus Peter Keller Riesling

    The King of Dry: Klaus Peter Keller Riesling

    Perhaps no producer in the world has seen a rise in popularity and prices at the rate we are witnessing with Klaus Peter Keller's Rheinhessen Grosses Gewächs wines. The quality has been superb for many years now, but small production met with rapidly growing interest is a bit of a nightmare scenario as a retailer.

    Today, I'm happy to offer a small parcel of some of Keller's top wines, the 2016 Hubacker GG, RR Goldkapsel, and Frauenberg Spätburgunder GG.

    RR Goldkapsel is the cult classic wine of the estate, sourced from a 0.33 ha parcel of red soil located in the limetsone-dominant Kirchspiel vineyard. Because Keller ferments this naturally there is always a touch of residual sugar left, which really balances the darker mineral expression of this parcel.

    Hubacker is one of the most powerful and deeply concentrated dry Rieslings in the Keller lineup. Sourced from a vineyard of loess, loam, and marl, with large blocks of limestone scattered throughout.

    Frauenberg is an excellent choice for blinding your Francophile friends. The Burgundian kinship was deepened when Keller worked alongside Eric Rousseau in Gevrey-Chambertin & Hubert Lignier in Morey-Saint-Denis. That's good company.

    "If I had to choose one wine to show how great dry German Riesling can be I would choose a Keller riesling. Those wines are the German Montrachets"
    - Jancis Robinson

    The quote has turned many heads toward the Rheinhessen since it was first published in 2008. Robinson's expertise crosses over an infinite array of regions and producers. When declarations at this level are made, people pay close attention. 
    Posted by Alexander Rosen