• My Deepest Provençal Dive:  2018 Bagnol Cassis Rosé

    My Deepest Provençal Dive: 2018 Bagnol Cassis Rosé

    For many, Mediterranean's seaside towns of Saint-Tropez and Nice represent France's most luxurious enclaves. However, once it's clear that not all that glitters is gold you may very well be lucky enough to come across Cassis. Likely, this is first via an abrupt stop to take in the dramatic Cap Canaille, France's highest sea cliff. Celebrities looking for a more private setting nestle into homes along these windy roads that can resemble the Hollywood hills.

    While the seemingly never-ending pallets of 
    Domaine Ott might distract those impressionable by glossy double-page magazine ads, those who understand the smaller grower-producer estates offer the highest quality and complexity might be lucky enough to come across my single favorite rosé of last year.

    Today, I'm happy to offer the 2018 Domaine du Bagnol Cassis Rosé for $35 per bottle, and down to $32.95 for orders of 3 bottles or more.

    Bagnol's Cassis rosé is comprised of 55% Grenache, 31% Mourvedre, and 14% Cinsault. The setting of the vineyards (pictured below) is directly on top of the Mediterranean, endowing a salty sea-breeze element taken quite step further than your typical ocean-influenced pink. My first sip of Bagnol's rosé was a proverbial light bulb moment. The combo of deliciousness with finely-etched mineral threads woven throughout this complex rosé was simply in a league of its own.

    If Tempier's Mourvedre-dominant rosé shows Provence's most exquitsite full-bodied form, then Bagnol's Grenache-dominant example is all about racy, wild strawberry fruit and citrus tones lingering with salinity on its long finish. Bagnol might not have the same wide-cast spotlight as Tempier, but with only 500 cases annually imported to the entire U.S. it is my most secret pink for my home cellar. Our allocation from Neal Rosenthal is six cases.
    Posted by Alexander Rosen