• Alto Piemonte Comeback

    Alto Piemonte Comeback

    Before Barolo and Barbaresco earned their stronghold, there was a time when Alto Piemonte, just two hours northeast, was the more sought-after region for Nebbiolo. We have a handful of Alto Piemonte wines in our collection, but the name to know among its current revivalists is Cristiano Garella.

    Over the last decade, Garella has helped revive Alto Piemonte as a wine region, highlighting its distinctive varieties and terroir. He advises about 20 wineries, and Colombera & Garella is his project in partnership with Giacomo and Carlo Colombera, who've grown grapes in Bramaterra since the early 90s. They farm nine hectares using organic and low-intervention practices (native yeast, fermentation in concrete tanks, minimal sulfur, and 24-month élevage in neutral barrels). Currently, Pizzaguerra is the only wine in our collection from Lessona!

    Compared to Barolo and Barbaresco, Alto Piemonte has a cooler, rainier climate. The soils are significantly more acidic, with Bramaterra having reddish-brown sand from an ancient volcano, and Lessona has yellow sand from the sea. This terroir results in a more mineral-driven expression of Nebbiolo with fine tannins and nerving acidity, which make for more approachable and readily drinkable wines than their slower aging counterparts in Piedmont.

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    Posted by Sydney Love