• Summer Quencher: Mommenpop Vermouth

    Summer Quencher: Mommenpop Vermouth

    It's starting to warm up in Southern California, and as much as I'd love to recount an illuminating tour through Burgundy, today we're going to focus on what needs to be in your glass when it's even too hot for rosé. Sam Sheehan of Poe Wines in Napa has started to produce what I believe to be one of the most refreshing options to have in your glass this summer and beyond.

    Of course, there are many ideal partnerships with these vermouths, but for me, it's all about club soda and a slice of your favorite citrus. I had the chance to open each of Sam's concoctions made by hand in very small batches at her estate in Napa Valley. These are so delicious and complex on their own over ice, but in the end, mixing them with club soda might be the best antidote for heat waves.

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    Posted by Max Kogod