Today is our last offer from Chianti, and I've saved this for the bittersweet end. No estate during my trip has garnered the same enthusiasm and respect from winemakers and sommeliers quite like Castell'in Villa. From Rome through Florence, top wine lists all find a space for these age-worthy Chianti Classicos from vintages stretching back to the early 70's. This is where the longevity and transformative capabilities of Sangiovese is best personified. The opportunity to offer this late release from the spellbinding 2010 vintage is a real treat, and truth be told I took every last case that entered California for today's offer.

Castell'in Villa doesn't fall into any easy category, outside of being staunchly traditional in their vinification and aging. The estate's soil in Castelnuovo Berardenga has an unusual makeup of fossilized fragments that conjure Chablis more so than Tuscany. The limestone-based soil is still the mother rock here as it is throughout Chianti Classico, but the ancient artifacts point to a time long ago when this vineyard was under a small sea. And, as you can imagine, the mineral component endowed to this wine is profound. Met with the structure from these choice old vines dedicated to the Riservawe have a magical combo that's made this arguably the most sought-after aged wine in all of Tuscany. At $59 per bottle from the greatest vintage in decades it's no wonder why this disappeared from their importer in a flash.

The Greek Princess Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa has overseen the property here for many years, residing in the 13th century tower above the winery. She's been committed to old fashioned winemaking here ensuring her top wine would not just endure with time, but transform. She keeps a healthy stock of back vintages, namely the epic 1971 Chianti Classico Riserva that's still found on top Michelin starred wine lists in Italy.

The 2010's from Tuscany have come and gone. Being able to source a late release like this from the most timeless estate in the commune was an unexpected surprise. The Chianti Classico Riserva is one that warrants an hour in the decanter. All the components come together in this time revealing a wine built on classic structure, dark fruits, and quintessential Sangiovese tertiary characteristics. There's no doubt in 40 years we'll be looking back on the 2010 vintage much like we are now on the revered 1971. I've created special pricing today on 6 and 12 bottle packaging. I highly encourage you to take the opportunity to follow this monumental gem through it's slow evolution.

2010 Castell'in Villa Chianti Classico Riserva
$59 per bottle.

6-Pack Pricing Regularly $354, Down to $336 ($56.05 per bottle)

12-Pack Pricing Regularly $708, Down to $637 ($53.10 per bottle)