The world's great and most age-worthy dry Riesling may come from a few select pockets of the world, but among those historical gems, the 1335-founded Karthäuserhof estate reaches rarefied air.

Ruwer Valley Riesling is most recognized for its delicacy and mineral spring purity. On Karthäuserhofberg's towering vineyard, these attributes are met with a special grandeur placing these at the top. With decades in bottle, Karthäuserhof develops a wispy pine needle inflection and a hypnotic iron streak of super-fine minerality.

Devonian slate is found throughout the Ruwer, and here its unique pink copper hue plays a role in releasing iron-rich minerals into the soil. Bands of clay throughout bring water retention, and the pine forest above the vineyard protects from harsh winds. These components are crucial in endowing some of the more fleshy apricot, green apple, and pink grapefruit notes that verge into a pronounced, smokey mineral core.

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