I didn't think it would happen so quickly. Over the last several vintages I knew it was only a matter of time before the Northern Rhone's most under-the-radar young producer would become allocated in small quantities to restaurants and retail accounts.

Naturally, 2015 marks this moment for the talented, Guillaume Gilles. The wines have long been in open availability from importer Neal Rosenthal, but now the demand has appropriately forced the allocating of this prime Cornas.

Today, I'm very happy to offer the the profound 2015 Cornas vintage from Guillaume Gilles, complete with special vertical pack pricing spanning 2012-2015.

There's no producer in the Northern Rhone that continues to rasie the bar each vintage like Guillaume Gilles. His 2008 was a showstopper for me at the time of release, impressing for an authenticity of Syrah that grabbed ahold of me immediatly - the kind that's romantically spoken of, but rarely found in bottle. Savage, spicy, purple-hued, and filled with crushed granite, Gilles' Syrah from the famed Chaillot vinyeard encapsulates everything that habitually points me to Cornas.

Guillaume trained under Jean-Louis Chave and the now-retired Cornas legend, Robert Michel. If Michel's wines were known for their uncommon transparency and light-handed touch, Gilles are darker, more ferocious, and packed with a concentration that's quite different. However, like Robert Michel, the soul of the wines from Gilles are founded on a sense of place that's undoubtedly pure granite and 100% whole cluster fermentation - just the way we like our Cornas!

Cornas is the southernmost red wine appellation in the Northern Rhone Valley, and essentially a south-facing amphitheater of steeply terraced granite slopes. The protection offered here from the fierce mistral wind of the valley gives a decidedly more robust and forward fruit quality as compared to Hermitage and Côte Rôtie. This all makes Cornas ideal for consumption upon release, not showing the youthful shyness of the siblings to the north.

Personally, falling hard for the wines of 
Thierry Allemand have set my eyes continually toward today's more under-the-radar producers. Allemand's 2015's will easily fetch $200+ per bottle - at less than half the price there's simply no producer deserving of more attention now than Guillaume Gilles. 

Today, Gilles farms just 2.5 hectares, working by hand the famed Chaillot vineyard (pictured below) that he leased from Robert Michel. His traditional approach means zero de-stemming, aging in large neutral barrels, and no fining or filtering. That quintessential combination of roasted meats, violets, blackberries, smoke, black pepper, and the granitic "scorched earth" that Cornas derives its name from is always front and center. 

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2015 Guillaume Gilles Cornas
$83 per bottle.

2015 Guillaume Gilles Cornas 1.5L
$174 per bottle.

2014 Guillaume Gilles Cornas
$74 per bottle.

2013 Guillaume Gilles Cornas
$74 per bottle.

2008 Guillaume Gilles Cornas 1.5L
$169 per bottle.