Our recent offer on Evening Land Seven Springs Vineyard Gamay Noir was a huge success. Today we move up the hill and toward the pinnacle of the estate, their La Source and Summum Chardonnay, and the rare whole cluster fermented Anden Pinot Noir. The former have become benchmarks for Oregon Chardonnay, and the latter epitomizes the freedom that old vines in the Eola-Amity Hills can afford. These are Oregon Grand Cru sites, and 2014 marks an important time for this historic winery where its bold and contemporary philosophy has become fully realized.

Seven Springs Vineyard for decades has produced top-flight wines in what certainly can be described as a magical setting in Willamette Valley's Eola-Amity Hills. The appellation stands out for its distinct volcanic and basalt soils, remnants from the Missoula floods from the last ice age. However, two factors greatly impact why this site annually produces wines of supreme balance and agility: The eastern-facing site basks in warmth from sunrise, and the Van Duzer corridor brings cold winds from the Pacific to moderate temperatures. The growing season in the Willamette Valley is very dry and warm, those vineyards afforded the luxury of cooling influences are the ones that prosper.

While the style of Evening Land has always been about purity of fruit and elegance, the 2014 vintage symbolizes a move toward a greater emphasis on vibrancy, energy, and definition of place. The wines have reached new heights, with brand new labels marking the occasion.

2014 Evening Land Seven Springs Vineyard La Source Chardonnay
$79 per bottle.
The La Source shows Seven Springs Vineyard Chardonnay at its most precise. Concentration and richness from these very old vines meld beautifully with 75% new oak, but it's the salinity and freshness on the finish that impress for the overall balance here.

2014 Evening Land Seven Springs Vineyard Summum Chardonnay
$103 per bottle.

Summum is the most iconic white of the estate. It's sourced from just 14 rows of old vines in the heart of the vineyard. For years glowing reviews have placed Summum on the top of the list among Oregon Chardonnays. In 2014, the move to age in 100% new Stockinger puncheons works brilliantly, as the larger format finishes this inherently opulent wine with tightly-knit structural definition.

2014 Evening Land Seven Springs Vineyard Anden Pinot Noir
$103 per bottle.

Many have tried whole cluster fermentations with Oregon Pinot Noir, but the tannin profile from the rich volcanic-based soils has shown to be a difficult fit. However, a small block of the oldest Pinot Noir on Seven Springs Vineyard proved to be the one parcel that excelled due to its tiny berries with their ideal skin-to-juice-ratio.Spice, silken texture, and length of finish is what really separates this from all others in the pantheon of great Oregon Pinot Noir.