Of all the domaines we work with in France there's none that encompass equal amounts of mystique and intrigue like Château Simone. Located just south of Aix-en-Provence, this historic estate inhabits nearly all of the Palette appellation. Its white, red, and rosé are as distinct as the singular terroir of this centuries-old estate hidden among pines. The echelon of great French domaines like to have boundaries written by classifications, Château Simone is a prime example of where those rules are firmly broken. This is Grand Cru Provence.

The iconic castle of Simone was inhabited by the monks of Grands Carmes d'Aix, having originally dug these cellars in the 16th century. In 1830 its vines were turned over to the Rougier family. Jean Rougier was the fourth generation here and in 1948 he literally put Palette on the map by petitioning for and winning AOC status.

The north-facing Montaiguet massif and its limestone soils play a vital role in the understated and regal nature of the wines here. Warm Provence temperatures are mitigated by its exposition and the microclimate created by high altitude, deep pine forests and abundant rivers. Though we're in Provence we're many ways in a wild mountain region unto itself. 

Simone's process in one that spares no expense, harvesting in small bins and sorting grapes a second time after crushing. The purity of fruit in each of the wines from 100-year-old-vines is vivid, and textures are suave and polished without the least bit of influence by vanillin new oak. This address has been guided by tradition for hundreds of years, with modern advancements only implemented sparingly.

The Red is a blend of 45% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, 5% Cinsault, and 20% divided between Syrah, Castet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Manosquin, Carignan, and Muscat Noir & Blanc. Dark fruits and delicate pine-resin notes set this elegant, yet wild red apart from all other Grenache-dominant blends of the south. Only 2,400 bottles are imported each year.

The White is a blend dominated by Clairette with Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Ugni Blanc and Muscat Blanc. It's a magical blend that puzzles the senses as the rich, textural fruit is met with salinity and a fresh mineral tinge on the finish. Only 2,400 bottles are imported each year.

The Rosé many consider to be the world's most age-worthy. The blend is the same of the red. The grapes are partially de-stemmed, giving a brightness and lift to the otherwise rich and deep rosé. Faded rose pedal notes, wild herbs, and gossamer texture make this one of the world's greatest. Only 1,500 bottles are imported each year.

2015 Chateau Simone Palette Rosé
$64 per bottle.
From vines over 50-years-old.

2014 Chateau Simone "Les Grands Carmes de Simone" Rosé
$37 per bottle.
From vines over 30-years-old.

2014 Chateau Simone Palette Rosé
$64 per bottle.
From vines over 50-years-old.

2013 Chateau Simone Palette Blanc
$52 per bottle.

2011 Chateau Simone Palette Blanc
$69 per bottle.

2010 Chateau Simone Palette Blanc
$64 per bottle.

2010 Chateau Simone Palette Rouge
$69 per bottle.