Much of what draws me into Burgundy is the history of the dilineated parcels and the family domaines who've tended them for generations. Careful study over hundreds of years have keyed vignerons into where good terroir becomes great, and that line is often very fine. 

Rare is the circumstance when a young vigneron's debut vintage is met with such warm reception, as is the case with Thibaud Clerget's 2015 release. And even rarer is the fact that the pinnacle of Clerget's Volnay lineup comes from a monopole Premier Cru vineyard that's relatively uknown by name, but in terms of real estate it's the secret crown jewel of the village.

I'm too young to remember when Mugnier took Maréchale back from Faiveley and produced his first vintage, or when Dujac released the
inaugural Malconsorts. But, I will always remember where I was the day I sat down and tasted the first release from Thibaud Clerget. The chatter surrounding the reborn Domaine Yvon Clerget has been increasing over the last 18 months. And the story of how this rebirth came to be is one destined for a Burgundy silver screen.

The Clerget family has been producing wines in Volnay for 28 generations. (Yes, that's a very different sort of family winemaking history). In 2009, Yvon Clerget chose to retire and wanted to hand the reigns off to his son, Thibaud. Although passionate and extremely knowlegable about wine and the terroir of the domaine, Thibaud had a mature perspective. He knew in order to reach the heights he'd invisioned for the domaine the best course would be to work for other Burgundy elites. So, father and son decided all the fruit from the domaine would be sold off during this phase from 2009 to 2014.

Thibaud worked with the greatest terroir in Burgundy while at Hudelot-Noellat and Henri Boillot, intensely studying vineyard management and vinification pracitices. He also traveled to work with Pinot Noir-focused wineries in Oregon and New Zealand. In 2015 he returned to produce his first vintage at his home domaine in Volnay. Of his entire Côte de Beaune lineup it's the monopole vineyard (owned excluvively by Clerget) that had me twising arms last week to get every posssible bottle from the minuscule production of this secret site.

Clos du Verseuil is the .6 hectare monopole that Thibaud Clerget will be celebrated for as the next several decasdes unfold, of this I'm sure. Situated in between fabled 1ers, Taillepieds & Clos de la Bousse d'Or, this site is all about that thrilling combination of power, elegance, and underlying tension. The same attributes that have placed D'Angerville and Lafarge's Volnay monopoles into the cellars of every serious Burgundy collector. There's no way to mince words, this bottling is Volnay at its best. And today pricing is far below where this will rise.

Antonio Galloni of Vinous wasn't shy after tasting:

"The reborn Domaine Y. Clerget could very well turn out to be one of the great recent success stories in Burgundy… Readers should do whatever they can to taste these wines. [Thibaud] Clerget is just 28 and appears to have a brilliant career in front of him. Bravo!"

The Clos du Verseuil is yet another reminder that these very top Premier Crus in Volnay are the best buys in all of Burgundy. The marriage between power, elegance, and mineral-drive is the underlying feature that pulls you in immediately. I've been fortunate to source enough that today I'm able to offer special pricing on 4-packs. 

2015 Yvon Clerget Volnay 1er Cru Clos du Verseuil (Monopole)

$109 per bottle.

Special E-mail 4-pack Pricing: $376! ($94 per bottle)

Also available:

2015 Yvon Clerget Clos Vougeot
$327 per bottle.