Only a handful of tastings in the last few years have left me feeling as if I had stumbled upon a massive secret. (See: Chambeyron Côte Rôtie & Comando G). On one hand I wanted to shout from the rooftops, and on the other I thought best keep this relatively quiet. In the small village of Arbois, Gérard and Christine Villet farm five hectares, with only 8% planted to Pinot Noir. And it's this 100% Pinot Noir cuvée that redefined for me what the Jura is capable of, to say nothing of the modest $33 tag. This is a bottle that will hit every mark for every lover of Pinot Noir, and this is the only offering in the US. 

The Villet domaine was started in 1900, but the real turn came in 1988 when the couple converted to organic viticulture. Five hectares covers various soils in and around Arbois, with over a dozen different wines made each year. While the blend of Trousseau, Poulsard, and Pinot Noir is customary in Arbois, coming across 100% Pinot Noir bottlings are rare. Some producers feel the sum of all the parts is greater than each varietal on their own. My personal experience is that's many times true. Here, however,the singularity of Pinot Noir from this .4 hectare parcel is extraordinary. It validates being bottled on its own, regardless of how little is produced, and saying nothing of the even smaller portion that made it to the US.

Jura has long existed in the shadows of Burgundy to its west. Producers have been reluctant to focus on 100% Pinot Noir bottilngs for a multitude of reasons. Some examples I've tried, while delicious, lacked the definition and focus that Burgundy executes across the price spectrum. The Villet's is one that immediately pulled me in with aromatics, and hooked me with a palate presence that was deep with superb clarity and a finish that just would not relent.