My first reference to Abruzzo was the famous Valentini and Emidio Pepe, until 2020, when our team tasted Amorotti, a new project producing impressive wines at a fraction of the price. Valentini and Emidio Pepe still hold the highest regard in this region, but Amorotti offers a glimpse into the same greatness they glean. These are undoubtedly among the best-valued wines in our Italian collection.

The Carboni family farms 50 hectares of woodland, pastures, and farmland, where they grow olives, cereals, legumes, and other native crops. A mere five hectares of this polyculture farm are allotted to vineyards. When Gaetano Carboni took over in 2000, he completely revamped the estate and converted to certified organic farming. Valentini, who lives across the road, offered guidance on what clonal material to grow.

For years, Gaetano sold most of the fruit, only keeping enough to produce wine for his family and friends. 2016 was the first vintage that these wines became available in the market. Amorotti's wines are so individual yet distinct to their variety/style—the common thread being that each is seamless, focused, and full of energy.

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