Very few grape varieties strive in vintages most marked by heat. Dolcetto and Barbera always seem to strut their stuff in these years. The Brovia estate in Castiglione Falletto has always taken a very thoughtful approach to the two. Selecting choice parcels usually reserved for Nebbiolo in some of their most grand sites. The combo of the voluptuous 2015 vintage and the sensitive approach of Brovia is one that we've been very excited about for some time now. The wines have just arrived and quantities are limited for today's offer.

Brovia's roots trace back to 1863 with Giacinto Brovia founding the estate in Castiglione Falletto. Phylloxera and two wars put a halt to production for 30 years. In 1953 Giacinto's grandchildren, brothers Giacinto and Raffaele, began to bring the estate up to full speed and today farming is organic throughout. In recent years the wines of Brovia, always been adored by traditionalists, have reached new heights. The focus, clarity of site, and texture of all the wines have brought in more praise than ever before. Demand has no doubt reached a fevered pitch. I fight to get as much as I can each year, but quantities are always less than I'd like.

Capturing the power and generosity of vintages like 2015 is always a challenge even with varieties that excel the most. Both today's Dolcetto and Barbera are aged in stainless steel, preserving the mineral spine and a refreshing snap that make these wines that empty from the bottle in a flash. While Brovia's Solatio Dolcetto and Brea Barbera see their best years further down the road with extended aging, today's wines are all about upfront pleasure and drinkability. However, bottle evolution in these banner years shouldn't be overlooked - these will provide pleasure for years to come.

After the 2013 and 2014 vintages brought difficulties for these late-ripening varieties I'm thrilled to grab a nice allocation of the 2015's. While Brovia has been on an impressive roll in recent years there's no denying that this is the vintage to to go all-in on their freshest Dolcetto and Barbera.

2015 Brovia Dolcetto D'Alba Vignavillej
$19 per bottle.

2015 Brovia Barbera d'Alba Sori Del Drago
$27 per bottle.

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2008 Brovia Barolo Villero
$77 per bottle.

2009 Brovia Dolcetto d'Alba "Solatio"

$46 per bottle.

2010 Brovia Barolo
$58 per bottle.

2012 Brovia Barolo
$52 per bottle.

2012 Brovia Barolo Brea Vigna Ca' Mia
$89 per bottle.