Drinking Nebbiolo from vineyards within Barolo does not happen at this price point, but leave it to Vietti to completely change the rules. Perbacco is the first release of Nebbiolo from Vietti each year, and sourced from the same vineyards that produce wines classified as Barolo. It's a special assemblage from casks that display a more early drinking approachability. 

Perbacco has a track record of aging effortlessly, a rarity in the world of sub-$30 wines. 2013 is clearly shaping up to be a wild success in Barolo. The wines are classic, pure, with a great sense of clarity - exactly what we've found in our favorite vintages in the past such as 2008 and 2010.

We highly encourage you to stash a few bottles away so you can follow their evolution. Come fall time this will really begin to start drinking well, and over the next 5-7 years unfold beautifully. 

Regarded as The King of Wines and the Wine of Kings, Barolo transforms in a way few wines can. This is the prime bottle to familiarize yourself with Piedmont's most storied variety, and this latest edition captures the vintage perfectly.

2013 Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo
$29 per bottle.

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