The Gang of Four brought the attention first to serious Beaujolais and its small, natural grower-producers. Today, many vignerons from Burgundy and elsewhere have descended upon the region in search of their own land. Prices have climbed, but still pale in comparison to their northern neighbors. One of the most exciting new discoveries comes from Anne Sophie Dubois who, after working in Volnay, has made a huge mark in a short period of time. Today, we focus on her top wine made only in special vintages from her oldest vines in Fleurie. 

Dubois's work in Volnay and her fondness for the wines of the revered Henri Jayer greatly influenced her approach to winemaking. Most Cru Beaujolais traditionally utilizes whole clusters and semi-carbonic fermentation, a method that endows the wines with tell-tale fruity and bouncy qualities. Although I adore the wines ofFoillardLapierre, and Métras, there's something about Dubois that grasps you in avery different way.

Her approach of de-stemmed Gamay and traditional Burgundian fermentation provide more structure and definition than the norm. If Fleurie is the Queen of Beaujolais, Dubois shows it through a lens of rigor, discipline, and uncommon depth.This is Vin de Garde Cru Beaujolais, and its obvious potential in the cellar shouldn't take away from the unbelievable joyous drinking it offers today.

Wild dark fruits, lavender, smoke, and granitic minerality are displayed with a saturating palate presence. Tannins are pronounced, but framed within beautifully rounded edges.

2015's hot and dry conditions do work well in Beaujolais, Gamay naturally strutting its stuff here. However, the carbonic methods employed by some have taken the juicy elements a bit far. Dubois and here Burgundian approach play perfectly into the warm year, where the structure of these wines harness the fruit brilliantly.

Clepcydre is Anne Sophie's top wine (the french word for water clock, were used as time measuring instruments in ancient Egypt). It is sourced from a granite parcel of vines with a minimum age of 60-years-old. It is released only in vintages deemed worthy.

Jon Bonné's words on Dubois drive home the magic of this new discovery:

"Dubois makes some of the most soulful, Burgundy-like versions of Beaujolais that I’ve encountered...a Fleurie with a bit of fealty to the Cote d’Or."

2015 Anne Sophie Dubois Fleurie "Clepcydre"
$33 per bottle.