Tasting the great Burgundy domaines side-by-side at the La Paulée festivities was a huge privilege and a rare opportunity. Tables were filled with bottles from celebrated names like Roumier, Rousseau, Mugneret-Gibourg, and D'Angerville. When the whirlwind tasting concluded and the dust settled there was one name that seemed to be on everyone's lips, Gevrey Chambertin's Pierre Duroché. The domaine has received growing attention, but with the grandeur of the 2015 vintage we've undoubtedly hit the watershed moment. 

Today, I'm happy to offer the 2015 Gevrey Chambertin cuvées from Domaine Duroché, including special 4-pack pricing on "Le Clos".

The wines of Duroché are models for the transparency and fine tannins that Gevrey is capable of, without sacrificing the inherent stucture and earth-inflection its terroir is so famous for. Duroché's wines have a hallmark featherweight texture and lacy minerality that persist in the most impressive way. Its this harmony between authentic reflection of place and a graceful sensibility that stands out immediately when you taste.

The Premier and Grand Crus from Duroché are exhilirating, but very rare. In the domaine's lineup it's the Gevrey Chambertin lieu dit that cannot not be overlooked. Le Clos is a minuscule parcel of less than half a hectare. The grapes are 100% de-stemmed and raised in 15-20% maximum new oak, without fining or filtering prior to bottling. Le Clos is a benchmark villages level bottling that calls to mind the iconic, yet understated examples from 
Mugnier and D'Angerville. 

Pierre Duroché is the 5th generation at his family's domaine, assisting his father in 2003 and taking over full control of operations at this 8-hectare estate in 2009. Pierre's home village is often characterized for its dark earth notes and the most formitable structure of the Côte de Nuits appellations. Often this leads winemakers to implement more new oak and push for maximum extraction and flash. Pierre takes his cues from an entirely different playbook.

Whether you're a seasoned Burgundy collector or just interested in finding the most under-the-radar superstars of the region, Pierre Duroché's 2015's are not to be missed!

2015 Duroché Gevrey Chambertin "Le Clos"
$62 per bottle.

3x 2015 Duroché Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Lavaut St. Jacques
$129 per bottle.

2x 2015 Duroché Gevrey Charmes Chambertin
$219 per bottle.

2x 2015 Duroché Chambertin Clos de Beze
$459 per bottle.